Identifying parking lot curb painting

When cars first started to be in abundance it became quickly noticeable that identification on roadways was going to be necessary to direct people in certain ways. The morn more cars they got put on the road allowed there to be much confusion in the way of driving. Eventually someone had the idea to paint lines on the road to help keep people line of where they needed to drive their vehicles. Today we have her painting and many parking lot stencils that are used to make identifications necessary for crossed all the roadways.  But even though these marks help us there are things we need to know so we understand what each of them represents. Many people know what a handicap stencil looks like. It is easily identified because we look for that symbol to be able to know whether not we can park there. Her painting is much the same. Different colors are used to identify what that area is used for.  For instance red color is used where no parking is allowed. It is often also an indication that it is four fire trucks only. Sometimes the color green is used to allow people to have short-term parking. And a yellow painted curb can identify where a loading and unloading area is. With all of these areas clearly marked it helps to keep people organized in the way they drive the vehicles and where they park them. parking lot stencilsParking lot stencils have become a huge necessity in today’s world. Proper identification and organization is necessary in order to have everybody within the realms of the law. Without them confusion sets in an accident occur. Stencils are a great way for you to make markings on any type of parking lot our road area. They make a nice organize line when it comes time to painting. They only open up the areas that need to be painted down. By these kinds of markings being out the putdown organized in a neatly fashion that makes it look clean so everyone can read and understand what the markings Are meaning. Parking lot stencils come in different qualities that allow those who do the job often to be able to have ones that are going to hold up for long periods of time from ones that can be used temporarily. If you have a unique symbol, sign, or letter stencil that needs to be on your parking lot then having it made out of a cheaper material is probably the wiser way to go. But if it’s something that needs to be applied several times then getting in a thicker density floor while the stencil to last much longer than the typical one that you may need. Choosing the right parking lot stencils means we can all enjoy a parking lot that is organized and well intact.   When customers feel comfortable in your parking lot they are much more likely to actually come walking through those doors.  If your lot is unorganized and hard to follow people tend to get frustrated and not have the patience to deal with your confusing parking lot.

How To Ride A Harley Davidson Motorcycle

harley-davidson motorcyclesIf you’ve ever dreamed of riding a Harley-Davidson, but have zero knowledge of how to handle a bike, there are courses that can be taken to give you an edge. This is according to the official Harley Davidson website.

New riders are first given a crash course – on paper. The building blocks will need to be established first before instructors take students out on the open road. These written guides provided by the academy is comprehensive in that it teaches students the mechanisms of riding varied models. The newbie course also cover’s motorcycle riding safety, some of which are covered below.

The next step in the rider’s edge process is similar to learning how to ride a car. Do you recall taking your first driving lesson in a car? If so, then most likely this was done in a safe area – outside of traffic. The same applies to the rider’s edge course as a practice range is zoned off to give new drivers a feel of what to expect.

Joining this class can furthermore provide other benefits like helping new riders secure a license that allows him or her to drive legally on public roads. Furthermore many incentives are offered including:

Learning in Groups – riders who have a few buddies that share the same interest of living free can sign up together, and participate in their own private riding lessons.

The Boot Camp – is also depicted on the website, and this simply allows riders to learn faster, yet still effectively.

Other service provided by the Harley-Davidson brand include:

Trying A Bike – get behind a two or three wheeler to get a feel for yourself. When the test drive is over, you decide which is best.

Customization – no two Harley-Davidson motorcycles need to be the same. With personalization services and commendable fulfillment times, it’s no wonder the brand has secured such a loyal base of fans.

Top Safety Tips for Riding Motorcycles

Whether you’re riding a Harley-Davidson or some other type of bike, it’s imperative to follow safety rules of the road. Some top tips include:

Start Small – or go large. Many Harley Davidson bikes are built with speed and performance in mind. However, if you’re new to the world of biking, take it easy even if this means underestimating the power of the bike.

Check With A Mechanic – to ensure that all brakes are intact. This is especially true when you’ve bought preowned.

Safety First – in most locations it’s illegal to drive without a helmet. Be safe instead of cool with a durable helmet to cushion the blow in the event of a fall. Thousands of bikers get injured each year, but it’s proven that this gear and others are instrumental for reducing the level of damage – as with safety belts in cars.

Drive for Others – the rule of thumb for many safe drivers is to drive for others sharing the roadway. Be vigilant about looking out for warning signs of a bad turn, incorrect signals and more.

Are You Ready To Ride?

If so, be sure to invest in Harley-Davidson clothing and accessories to solidify the association with this revered group.

SUN Harley-Davidson -

8858 Pearl St -

Denver CO, 80229 -


Top Features Sought In Glass Chair Mats

chair matIf you’re considering purchasing an office chair mat, the benefits are clear. These will help to protect flooring and spaces for years to come, while making the office area look visually appealing to clients and workers.

Some of the top features needed by buyers include:

Warranties – how long will the mat last? This is what most buyers want to know. Many manufacturers set the customer’s mind at ease by offering some type of guarantee or replacement warranty if specific features are advertised. As an example, should the glass break, discolor or chip, and ads state otherwise on the website and packaging, replacements are usually offered – for some manufacturers.

Visual Appeal – most office environments are built to be visually appealing, and as such, any necessary addition should be as equally attractive, or more. Transparent glass mats are ideal for any type of office environment. These conform perfectly to any design theme without calling attention to the platform.

Cleanliness – mats that can be cleaned by a simple wipe of a towel or mop are appealing – especially for the office’s cleaning crew. These can additionally be washed off and dried if necessary, without damage to the stationery. Examples include when coffee and other big spills end up on the flooring. The mat doesn’t need to removed, simply wipe with a paper towel, and use a glass cleaner to restore the shine. Care and maintenance instructions are usually found on the packaging and user’s guide.

Color Maintenance – would you like a glass top that won’t yellow or discolor over time? Then choose from a manufacturer that includes in-built features to prevent color discoloration, and maintain a crystal clear appeal.

Recyclable – Socially responsible businesses may choose office materials and supplies that are eco-friendly and recyclable in nature. Fortunately, most glass products can be reused, even the ones that have been reinforced with other chemicals to prevent discolorations for instance.

Anti-Fatigue – which means it’s hard to wear out. Age affects most things in understandable ways. However, new improvements in technology have allowed consumer products to last for decades, if not centuries.

Personalization – not every office is built the same. To skip cookie cutter designs, consider ordering cutout office glass chair mats in oval, rectangular, squared, and triangular shapes. These custom orders can be made online through different manufacturers. However, you’ll want to ensure that the personalized version includes the features discussed above.

Numerous studies showcase that the better an office space is setup, the more productivity outputs can be expected from workers. Let’s face it, we all like nice things including coming home to a pleasant home, driving in a polished car, and stepping  inside the doors of a well-maintained office. Compare these with stepping into utter chaos for each environment – the mental impacts would be daunting for most.

Chair mats are just another way of adding value, cleanliness and design appeal to an existing office space, and the investment cost for each employee desk is minimal with the average price being under $100 for each.

Our domain name is set and we’re ready to get online

domain name

If you give it a few hours from now (about mid-day December 8th) you will be able to go online to our new site and look through all of our inventory and even purchase items for shipping. The best part, the images, designs, fonts and of course the merchandise on the site was all designed by me! It’s a feat I am proud of but no is not time to rest on my laurels. This site needs to be a success or it will be a major road block for my company, one that I may not be able to get past.

To help me in my quest to expand my designs around the globe I have contacted to help me with my domain name. They have a wonderfully simplistic service where just about anyone with a computer and half a brain can almost instantly create a stunning design that allows for images, animation, storage of files and data as well as a secure payment page and comments section. All it takes is an idea or a business in need of expansion to get started and the good people at will help you get started.

I have personally taken my shiny new website for a “test drive” recently and all the kinks have been worked out; it’s truly a remarkable looking and functioning site that I think my clients will love. I’m hoping to attract many new people to my designs and I know you only have one chance to make a first impression. With the help of’s supporting staff I know that I will never direct someone to a site that is under construction or that has crashed due to any number of reasons. I have the confidence that behind’s SSL certificates, the site will always be there to display my works in a highly intuitive and functional way, making that first impression really count.

I’m excited to know that there will be a staff member on hand every minute of the day to monitor the progress and complexities of the site to make sure it never crashes. There is bound to be a lot of feedback in the comments section of the page so they can help to drive the bad results and negative comments downward and raise the good ones to the top.

It isn’t necessary for a fashion designer to have her own domain name but if you want to be a global force and a worldwide household name one day, you need to expand your market and be proactive about getting your name out there in the world. With this new site that we are just hours away from sharing with the world, we can do just that. I also like knowing that my customers can shop in a secure marketplace where they will never have to worry about theft or fraud. It is a major concern for many people across the world but I want to ensure that anyone who comes to my site will never have to worry about such things.

You Might Have To Hire A Divorce Lawyer At Some Point In Your Life

There are many things in life that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy in this life, unless that enemy is my ex wife, in which case, I would but otherwise, a nasty divorce is one of those things. I know the story, you meet someone, you fall in love and you believe that the rest of your lives are going to be peaches and cream. Then, one day you wake up and you realize that you’ve got nothing in common with this person and you regret having ever met them. You know what the say; there’s a thousand ways to skin a cat and the same goes for the many ways that a relationship can unravel before it gets to the point that it’s time for someone to call a divorce lawyerdivorce lawyer. There is a particular story that I’m reminded of where the kind of unraveling that I was previously referring, happened to be quite unfortunate and interesting. My friend Mike was always a pretty big guy and he felt like it hurt his ability to get women, he ended up settling in his mid-twenties for a woman that he wasn’t very physically attracted to. She was a nice woman and was from a religious background but Mike wasn’t religious at all so I thought that was kind of odd immediately. She apparently didn’t believe in using birth control so before he knew it, they had four kids and they hadn’t even been married six years yet. Kids these days, were expensive and Mike was deathly afraid of accidentally impregnating his wife with another, so he secretly scheduled an appointment to get a vasectomy. The recovery time was going to be several days and although it was an outpatient procedure, he was going to be noticeably uncomfortable for a couple days and he didn’t want his wife to think anything was up. So, he told his wife that he had a routine business trip the week of the surgery so he could just get a hotel room and lay low for a few days until he got better.

During the week he was staying at the hotel, he ordered several adult movies, he was supposed to avoid getting aroused for a while after the surgical procedure, but this was his first taste of freedom since this nightmare of a marriage had begun for him and he couldn’t help himself. It turns out that during that week, Mike began to develop a problem with pornography and between that and the eventual revelation that his wife wasn’t getting pregnant anymore because of his secret vasectomy, their marriage ultimately deteriorated and an ugly divorce with divorce lawyers ensued. The lawyers ended up using his pornography addiction against him and presented that as a part of their case to establish that he couldn’t provide a suitable and safe environment for his children. He couldn’t afford another house the size of the one he had to leave his family and ex wife in anyway though so, he wouldn’t have been able to have them live with him regardless.

Improving our web design

It has been on the top of our to do list as a company for some time now to go through a rebranding effort and improve our web design.  So, we finally decided that in order to prepare ourselves for a new year and the growth that we are all working so hard to create, we are going to be hiring a graphic design agency to do our web redesign work.  It had taken awhile for this to come up on the top of our list as really something that we were going to finally put resources behind, but now that it has we are off and running on a really great start.  We were able to field quite a few proposals from several different graphic design companies in the city, and once we made it to the top three we had them come in for interviews with the staff and the key decision makers. We really wanted to ensure that we would be able to work with them in a constructive way, that we felt that we could really build a relationship with whoever we hired as our graphic design agency and that they could work well with our own internal design team. After those interviews, we did our own thorough internal review of the other rebranding campaigns that were done by these top agencies that we were considering, and tried to figure out how successful they all were. Its really not an exact science to determine that, but we really wanted to get a company that would be able to successfully put us on the path for success with our rebranding efforts.  We wanted to get a jump start on our efforts to increase business and raise capital, and we knew that our branding was going to play a huge role in that process, and would make it either really effective or stop it dead in the water. So this really was a big decision for us.

In the end, it really work out well, because we were able to chose the graphic design agency that would eventually create the incredible brand that we have grown into as a company, and it turned out to be the perfect spring board into the new industry and group of customers that we had been courting for the last few quarters. It ended up costing a bit more than we had planned, and it took much more time than we originally allocated, but the resources that we have gained through the process made the whole thing actually worth it.  There was no way to know what they would eventually create for us, so it was definitely a leap of faith in a way. But in the end, it was exactly what we wanted and what our design team would have created if they had the resources internally to do it. So after the whole process, it worked out best in the end for us with the graphic design agency that we chose and we are thrilled with the resulting branding and all that it has brought us.

graphic design agency

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Having kids with braces

Man, I’m telling you that having kids with braces can be tough. Not only are there what feels like the constant trips to the orthodontist office to get the braces adjusted and tightened and check on, but there is the pain that comes after those visits that created the sleepless nights for the kids and for the parents. Gums and teeth are sore and hurting because the braces were tightened and are pulling on the teeth. It can be difficult and frustrating to add this additional piece into an already busy family and kid life, but it must be done for the future self and the greater good. But it really just isn’t easy.  There is a lot more that goes into it than I was expecting. I usually have to take the afternoon of to take them to the orthodontist appointments, and then ensure that they are as comfortable as possible when dealing with the most intense pain which happens right after the appointments. But after that its just a few days of sore teeth and gums before the pain goes away and things go back to normal for a few weeks. And usually during that time I’m making sure we budget for the new visit and the next co pay. I almost always take them out for ice cream after, just so they have something good to look forward to, because they really don’t enjoy the visits.

But the main issue that I run into with braces so far is that I can’t really get across the point to the kids that this is worth it and they will be so happy for it in the end. When the braces come off, they will have straight and perfectly aligned teeth, which will help them maintain their oral health in the future, and will help them to not have to struggle with gum disease issues from gaps in their teeth that allow that bacteria to remain and grow. It is for the best, and every time we leave the orthodontist I try to explain that to them. Its hard for kids to look down the road and enjoy something because they know that it will be for the greater good, but I keep trying to remind them that its only sore for a few days, and then they get to move on past that and on to the next visit. And that each visit means that they are that much closer to getting to the end goal, which is getting the braces off and having better teeth than when we started this process.  But overall, it is hard for the parents too, when we have kids with braces that means we have to deal with all the same issues as the kids do. No one really likes to sit in orthodontics waiting rooms and then have to keep coming back. But it is really important to remember why we are doing it and to continue to move forward into the original plan, which is to get through this and have better, straighter teeth than in the beginning.


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I Had A Rash That I Went To The Urgent Care In Scottsdale To Treat

Things had been pretty stressful lately for me, I was absolutely swamped at work, I had just found out my girlfriend was cheating on me and I was beginning to feel sick. I mean, the thought of my girlfriend cheating on me made me sick, but in a queasy stomach sort of way, I was also feeling like I was coming down with the flu. Trying to balance the realization of my girlfriend’s betrayal with all of my current work obligations was turning out to be too much for me, I had to get out of the office because I started to feel like I was suffocating. I’d heard about anxiety attacks before and I imagined that I was feeling a great deal anxiety at the moment, I was just trying to concentrate on breathing in and out, as slowly and deeply as I could. A few minutes went by and I was able to regain control of myself so I went back into the office and to the bathroom so I could evacuate my bowels. When I was done, I grabbed my pants that were around my ankles and stood up in the stall and as I was tucking my shirt in, I noticed that my skin on one side of my body was very sensitive and tender. I couldn’t get a good look at it from where I was standing so I opened the door to the stall and lifted up my shirt so I could see it in the bathroom mirror, it looked like a rash was forming. Great, one more thing that I was going to have to deal with at a time where I honestly felt like I couldn’t handle anymore. I tucked my shirt in, tightened up my belt and washed my hands. The rash concerned me and I knew that I was going to have to see the doctor about it unless it began to clear up immediately.I had a project due by the end of the day however, so I wouldn’t be able to get into my family physician during their regular hours, I might have to end up going to the urgent care in Scottsdale or something.urgent care in Scottsdale

5 PM came around and I was feeling worse than ever and after the last time I checked the rash in the bathroom, I was definitely more concerned than I was before because it was spreading from my side to around the front of my body. My doctor was closed but I still had a couple hours of work to do so I figured that I’d need to go to the urgent care in Scottsdale after I got off. Then there was a light knock on the door of my office, it opened and my boss appeared looking concerned. He asked me if I was doing ok and I told him that I was stressing and also dealing with something medical that needed attention. He told me to get out there and to go take care of myself so I drove to the urgent care in Scottsdale immediately.

I Went To The Urgent Care In Scottsdale To Treat A Rash

It had been a rough day already and it wasn’t even over yet. I’d been working hard to finish a project all day long and wasn’t eventually able to because my boss told me that I needed to get out of the office and go to a doctor. He said that he’d finish it up and wrap up all the details for me, apparently I’d been noticeably stressed all week and wasn’t acting like myself. I’m happy my boss took notice because by the time he did, I was about to have a break-down. I had a rash appear earlier in the day on my side, below my ribcage and in just a few, short hours, it had spread to the front of my body. I’d found out some unfortunate information about my girlfriend the day before and I was already feeling a bit under the weather so the rash appearing on my body at this time, seemed less than coincidental. I’ve read that it’s possible to experience physical manifestations of mental stress, in many different forms, rashes being one of them so I was already thinking that this was all her fault. This is what I get for trusting, loving and giving my heart to someone; a rash and a head full of worries and stress.urgent care in Scottsdale

My family physician was already gone for the day so I was relegated to the urgent care in Scottsdale. I entered the facility and saw a waiting room of people who looked to be in the same kind of shape I was. I checked in with the receptionist and sat down next to an old woman who was sneezing and sniffling into a bunched up kleenex that she had in her clutches. I would have chosen another seat but my only other alternative was between a mother and her two rambunctious children. I’d never been to this particular urgent care in Scottsdale because I very rarely got sick and when I did, I was usually able to schedule an appointment with my family doctor. The rash was spreading quickly so I was grateful that there was a place like this around who could help me outside of normal, family care physician hours. I picked up a sports magazine and began flipping through the pages, trying to find an article worthy of my attention when someone came out and called a name, then I saw the mother and her two kids get up and go into the door where the woman in scrubs was waiting. I made my move and claimed my new seat, a minute later a young woman came and sat next to me but as she did, my name was called and I got up and walked over to the woman in scrubs, waiting by the open door. She smiled and welcomed be to the urgent care in Scottsdale and lead me to a room where she invited to me to sit down, she then told me that the doctor would be with me in a moment.

Don’t get swindled by your Denver CPA firm

It is so important to find a great CPA to help you this year with your taxes because so many people get in a lot of trouble with the IRS when they file their taxes individually. Sure, there are various softwares with Turbo Tax that help with your taxes, but it is kind of scary how easily you can mess up your tax return when you do it yourself. Heck, so why not pay someone to do it for you and guarantee that everything will be filed safely and securely? I personally dread paperwork and tedious data entry, so I prefer to give those responsibilities to a professional who will work harder than I will to file my taxes completely. I send all of my tax information to my Denver CPA firm in downtown in the beginning of January so I can make sure to get my taxes complete by April. But, before I chose this great firm, I had to do my research on how to find a CPA that works well with my life and my business. So, here are a few tips that you might like to know about how to find a great CPA firm.

denver cpa firmFirst of all, know what you are looking for: do you want a corporation or an individual CPA practice? There are plenty of Denver business accounting firms that are independently owned and operated of which I prefer because I like to support small business owners. However, if you like the idea of corporations, then you should research which business CPAs you like in your area. Then, I highly recommend that you interview your CPAs. It is very common for clients to interview their CPAs before handing over there tax and income information because people want to feel confident that their CPA will do a flawless job of their tax return.

Additionally, if you are a business owner, you may want to consider a CPA who has about 60% of his/ her clients as business owners as well. You don’t want to hire a professional business CPA who doesn’t know the new laws pertaining to business owners, right? So, you might want to make sure that your CPA consistently practices the tax laws pertaining to your business before you hire him/ her.

Similarly, you will want to find a CPA that works his/ her business within a manageable schedule for you. If you cannot reach your CPA during the time that you have off, then it might create a big communication problem between you and your CPA. So, when you search for your perfect CPA, please make sure that you are able to contact then when your schedule is available because you should not have to bend over backwards to get your tax questions and problems resolved.

And finally, don’t be swindled by your CPA! It is important to always ask their rates and what is included in their rate before giving a CPA your information. You don’t want to wake up one morning and find a huge invoice in the mail from your tax accountant, am I right?

Urgent Care In Gilbert Fills a Whole In the Market

Urgent Care in Gilbert is offering a product that other clinics and hospitals cannot. Is the medicine different? Are the doctors fundamentally unique? Is the structure of the hospital radically different than others? No. Put simply, it’s fast. And this is a unique product. You can get in and out of the Urgent Care clinic whenever you need to without scheduling an appointment. The current American economy, productivity is achieved by producing something that others cannot. Do not think of this in terms of a different product. You do not need to invent something from nothing in order to be productive in this market. Even your location can be unique relative to a certain limited space. So a way that McDonald’s can be productive is to build a McDonald’s in a town where there is not one. And evidenced by the plethora of McDonald’s all over these United States, they have clearly found a way to do so. Urgent Care has detected a gap in their market in Gilbert. There was nowhere that you could go to get quick, effective medical attention. The hospital’s hours were limited. You had to have an appointment. Even the ER meant that you were sitting around forever waiting to be seen. But they have filled this gap in the market. Urgent Care offers quick, walk-in service for a wide variety of medical reasons. It can be an emergency. It can be an ingrown toenail. Just walk right in, and you will be seen. They realize that quick service is a highly demanded commodity, and so they strive to move patients in and out in a reasonable time. But this does not mean that it is rushed, of course. There are lots of friendly and accommodating nurses and doctors on staff that are there to see that everyone is given the proper amount of attention. Urgent Care is a great middle road between seeing your primary health practitioner and going to the ER. If you go to see your general doctor, you might not get in for weeks. It can take forever. And even once it is the day of the appointment, it still takes a long time to get through the entire process. For me, if there is something serious enough that I am going to go to the doctor about it, I do not want to wait a week to be seen. On the other hand, going to the ER for non-emergencies is one of the biggest drains of the medical economy. The ER serves an excellent service and an important one. It is also highly expensive. I remember a biomedical ethics professor, who was also a medical practitioner, explaining the weakness of the current system of the ER. Urgent Care is a great middle ground between the two. They will give you fast service. They will see for almost any reason. Whether you fear that it is a serious issue or something small, why wait? At Urgent Care, you do not have to wait.

urgent care gilbert

A Tale Of A Denver Periodontist

It was raining out in Denver, and I was running late to a business meeting. I have a well respected position with my company, and it was pertinent that I get there as soon as possible. The light had turned green for me to turn right, however a pedestrian crossing kept me from proceeding any further until he passed. Thankfully I had my foot on the breaks when someone collided extremely hard into the back of my car, or I would have hit the poor boy. My teeth slammed right into the steering wheel, where I had been leaning close to, trying to see through the heavy rain. I blacked out for just a moment and woke up confused, the warm irony taste of blood in my mouth and something small and solid in my mouth. I felt it with my tongue and realized it was a tooth! I frantically skimmed my teeth gum line with my tongue and to my horrid shock I had knocked out both of my front teeth! There was no way I was making it to my meeting.

The person behind me had just seen a green light, not realizing I could not proceed due to the fact of there being a pedestrian crossing. With the rain pouring so they had not realized I was at a complete stop. They ran up asking if I was okay, flinging open my door. I looked up at them furious and dazed from the shock of everything. ” Oh honey you are going to need a periodontist!” they said immediately upon seeing my now hill-billy like teeth. ” And you will get to pay for my visit! ” I retorted, still angry at how bad my day had just gotten.

Dental Implants Denver

Dental implants offer a second chance!

All in all everything happens for a reason, whether we understand that reason or not. I was able to Denver periodontist that allowed me to set up an appointment immediately. I received dental implants and overall was happy with there appearance. I had been afraid that I would not be as reputable at my company if I was trying to make sales and could not pronunciate or smile with confidence. It had been years since I had been to the dentist and he even let me know that I was also suffering from a chronic disease commonly known as gingivitis.  I was given the proper care I needed and advice on how to keep it at bay. If it had not been for this car accident, I would have never known of my condition!  I also was able to replace my car that had been on its last leg. So I share this story to remind everyone that even when we find ourselves in the most unideal situations, good can still come out of it. It is all a matter of perception and attitude and life is what we make of it. Also if you have not been to the dentist in ages, I highly recommend seeking periodontal dental care! It could change your life!

Periodontal Health Association.

2900 S. Peoria Street,

Building D,

Aurora, Colorado 80014


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I Wanted A Second Opinion From A Neurologist

Life is a funny thing sometimes, it’s amazing how much of this is completely out of our control. I spent my life doing the right things, making the right decisions and being responsible. I got married young and we had a couple kids pretty early, I started a custom home building company with a partner and we’ve been doing well. I started getting headaches a lot, they were really painful and it felt like the base of my neck was as hard as a rock. The doctor originally thought they were stress-related but I didn’t really feel all that stressed out about anything in particular so it didn’t make any sense to me. I wanted a second opinion so I looked up a neurologist in the area. I scheduled an appointment with them, they said they’d probably need to do some neuroimaging first. I did a little research and found that neuroimaging was helpful in evaluating all kinds of neurological disorders like brain tumors, MS, headaches, and epilepsy. I didn’t anticipate anything terribly serious but the more I read about headaches, the more I believed that what I was experiencing were tension headaches. The description of the pain and the location it indicated was consistent with what I was feeling, if that what was going on then it looked like they’d be able to confirm it and provide treatment options of some kind.neurological disorders

The day of my appointment came, I went ahead and just took the day off so I could take my wife out for breakfast before I had to go to the doctor. We went to our favorite spot, it was a beautiful morning and we sat on the patio. My wife got a mimosa, I got coffee, we’d been coming to this breakfast place for years and they treated us like family. I wished they charged us like family too but they didn’t, I was just like any other customer in that respect.  My wife asked me if I was nervous about my doctor’s appointment, I asked her what I had to be nervous about. She said that she’d be nervous but I told her that was just in her nature, she worried about everything and there wasn’t anything that anyone could do about it. I told her that I was just happy that I was getting closer to finding out what was actually wrong with me so I could go about trying to fix it as soon as possible.

I arrived at the neurological institute and walked through the automatic, sliding glass doors into the lobby. I looked at the directory on the wall, it said the neurosurgeon and the neurologist were on the first floor and it looked like neuroimaging was on the second. I elected to take the stairs, I figured I’d probably get there quicker than I would if I took the elevator. In no time I was on the second floor and walking down the hall looking at the labels on the walls next to all the doors.

Hiking in Peru can be very rewarding

trekking peru

I had heard from friends that the Inca trail in Peru is overcrowded and “touristy” and for months before my big trip I had considered skipping that portion and taking that time to do something else. I had heard that you can find yourself standing in line to use a rope bridge and that sometimes there weren’t enough guides for all of the guests trying to make the trek to Macchu Picchu. Even so, I couldn’t stand the thought of flying all that way just to say I took a bus to the top of the trailhead. I travel because I believe each experience is one worth having and I knew that by taking the Inca Trail hike (no matter how congested or touristy) that I would have a great story to tell and that the sight of Macchu Picchu would be much more rewarding once I arrived. Well, as you can see from this amazing picture I made it through the four day hike to the summit and I was rewarded with rolling misty fog enchanting an already amazing site. I was exhausted to the point of nausea by the time I reached the temples, but as you’ll see in some of my other pictures, the journey there was as rewarding as the end.

The company I did my Peru hiking through is called KB Tambo and I would most certainly recommend them to anyone looking for adventure. I found it to be the perfect mix of structured travel and explorative adventure. The guides that work for KB Tambo are extremely knowledgeable in all things Peruvian. They can tell you the ways one can travel from Cusco to Lima, how long it might take and how many Soles you can expect to spend. Before you even make the journey down there you can visit their website to get valuable information on things like what kind of vaccinations you might need (none if you are staying above 500 meters and away from the Amazon region), what kind of clothes to pack and how far you can expect your dollar to go in Peru given the current exchange rates. I found it to be a very helpful starting place and from there I was able to read blogs and other information sites to hone my search. Besides the tour guides knowing the answer to virtually any cultural or area specific question, I thought the experience with KB Tambo was far beyond my expectations. The hostel is easy to find as it is centrally located in the center of town. From there guests are encouraged to walk around, explore the cities sights and sounds, to soak up the culture.

I could go on and on about the smallest details of that journey but it would take me a few more paragraphs before I even got to my Macchu Picchu adventure! There’s just so much to tell I don’t know where to start. In my two weeks in Lima I traveld by bus, horseback, taxi, train and of course I did a fair amount of trekking while in Peru. In a word, it was a very memorable experience and one I will never forget.


Nearly a Year of Back Pain Finally Resolved by Spine Surgery

About five or six years ago, my mother was rear-ended at a red light. She was in a big SUV and was hit by a small sedan. Her car was undamaged, but the front end of the sedan was crushed. The drivers exchanged insurance information, made sure everyone was okay, and went on their respective ways. No one was in any pain at the time, and all passengers and both drivers had on their seat belts. Several weeks after the accident, however, my mother started to have pretty serious lower back pain. Her general practitioner tried a few different diagnostic tests but nothing came up, so he finally sent her to a neurosurgeon. She found a respectable one in Boulder who was able to fit her into an otherwise busy schedule pretty quickly, and set up an appointment for the next week.

Several more tests were performed by the neurosurgeon, ultimately leading him to recommend an MRI review for my mother. She was still in a considerable amount of pain and nothing provided by either her regular doctor or the neurosurgeon seemed to help. As a relatively young woman who was still in her forties, our whole family started to become very concerned about what seemed to be chronic back pain. Several days later, the results of the MRI showed that my mother not only had a pinched nerve in her back, she would likely be in a significant amount of pain until she could receive laser spine surgery, which was still several months away. Without a surgical fix, her condition would only worsen and could even possibly lead to spinal stenosis.

The neurosurgeon recommended the surgery take place as soon as possible, but even with his recommendation, it was proving difficult to get her on the schedule any time soon. We were getting more and more worried, as her pain persisted and made it difficult for her to work, exercise, or in general live a comfortable life. She was finally able to get onto the surgical schedule for four months later, which would ultimately mean she had been in pain for nearly a year by the time it was over, and that did not even include recovery time.

Then, finally, she had a stroke of luck in her unfortunate solution. There was a cancellation in the surgeon’s schedule, and she was first on the waiting list. So within a few weeks, instead of a few months, my mother was finally able to go in for her laser spine surgery. The procedure was minimally invasive, and she was in and out in less time than we expected. Her hospital stay was shorter than imagined too, and in a few days, she was ready to come home and finish her recovery there with some assistance.

Had she known what that one seemingly small accident would lead to, my mother would have been far more concerned at the time. Luckily she was able to make the best of it, and her spine surgery produced excellent results. Once fully recovered, she was able to do return to everything she used to do – with no pain! Ultimately the procedure was worth the wait.

Laser spine surgery

A Good Denver Windows Company Will Make the Entire Process Easier

I have to imagine that there was a day when home repair was a relatively common occurrence. That is to say that people at least knew how to do it. Today in a lot of urban areas, home repair and all of the subsets of skills are pretty arcane to most. For this reason, they have to hire someone else to do all of the home repair jobs. But it is also this reason that hiring someone else to do it can be challenging. You do not know the true costs of things. You do not know if you are buying the best product. You do not know how to navigate the process of getting the job done. Find a Denver windows company that has a reputation for being helpful, honest, and hardworking. This can make your entire process so much easier than if you were out there by yourself. You want to make sure that you have someone in your corner that is there to support you. And you want to feel that this person is helping you because they are honest and have integrity, not because you are just a symbol of money to them. How do you find a company like this? Well, it may seem simplistic, but I would start with the Internet. The Internet has become an excellent source of information. You can learn about new businesses, old businesses, and hear all about different customers’ experiences with these particular businesses. There are a variety of websites that offer these reviews. The more extensive ones will include businesses that sell replacement windows. But there are a few principles to bear in mind when using these websites. Do not cherry pick. That is to say, do not just choose a few reviews at random and read those intently. These reviews could be outliers. I think that it is a better method to skim and get a general idea of all of them. Then you can get the average of all of the customers’ experiences. And this is important. Now there are marketers for the marketers. There are independent companies that hire people to write favorable reviews of companies. So it is hard to know if the reviews you are reading are real or not. You may think that you are hiring the good replacement windows company but are actually hiring someone who paid another to lie about their company online. You would never know. At least you would not know until they gave you poor service. Another principle for using these review websites is to realize the nature of the posting. Add a few positive stars to the reviews that you read. When people have a bad experience, they go home and fire off a nasty review online. If someone has a particularly good experience, they are less inclined to write a positive review. Some businesses even try to create incentives for their customers to write positive reviews online. But the Internet is a great way to find a good window and vinyl siding company.

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Talking to a Denver roofing company

There are so many questions to ponder as a home owner thinking about getting a new roof.  The best advice that you can get is to call a roofing company and start talking.  Some things that you might want to ask is what the contractor would do on his own home.  One of the biggest variables in new roof installation is material that you will put on top of your new roof.  I suggest asking the contractor which material is on top of his house.  If the contractor suggests that you use asphalt shingles on your house and yet he used a standing seam metal roof on his, you might ask why.  While there may be reasons to choose a certain material that are unique to the house.  For instance, if you or the contractor live in a Tuscan villa, you will probably choose a tile roof.  But just because you or the contractor chose a tile roof for you Tuscan villas doesn’t mean that tile would work on English style Windsor manor.  But there are examples wherein a contractor has chosen a standing seam metal roof for his house because it is the best all around option for those living in a heavily wooded Denver suburb.  If that same contractor looks at your house, which is a similar construction home in a similarly heavily wooded Denver suburb and recommends an asphalt shingle roof, then it might be time to call another roofing company to make sure that the contractor who installs your roof has good intentions.

It helps to assess potential employees before the interview

interview training

Speaking from experience I can tell you that it really does help to have potential employees take an employee assessment test prior to having them come in for an interview. On the employer side it will give you valuable insight into the characteristic of the applicant and to know the true nature of their character. This can be everything from their morals to their work ethics and many points in between. The tests are designed to reveal who that person really is by crafting questions designed to tell the truth. For the applicant they can also benefit from these tests because in the process of taking the test they can get a clearer idea of what the employer is looking for and expecting from new hires.

Select International can help you build a winning staff for your office or small business by ensuring that everyone in your office is like minded and can have good chemistry together. This is achieved through an objective, behaviorally based test that can reveal much more than their resume ever could.

Beyond the assessment test, employers are encouraged to utilize SI’s online interview training tutorials that will help employers to conduct more impacting and effective interviews. These tests can be taken online at the employer’s discretion and only take a total of two hours to complete. Beyond the interview training, employers can elect to take an optional three hour classroom follow up course to practice what they have learned in a “live” interview conducted by the teacher and other students in the class.

Find urgent care Gilbert location

Knowing and being familiar with urgent care Gilbert and its location can be very beneficial to you. There are many benefits that come from using an urgent care facility versus that of an emergency room. For many years emergency rooms have been known for extensive wait times.  What many people are finding out is that with the urgent care facilities this wait time is greatly reduced. Many which are hardly a minute or two of waiting before you can be seen.  These facilities also provide a great way for you to be able to see a doctor without even having to make an appointment. If you have elements something you need to discuss or just for a flu shot or quick exam these make the perfect facilities to be able to go to.  urgent care gilbertKnowing where the facility is closest in your area will allow you to stop by in a hectic situation. If you need something checked out and it is a non-life-threatening injury then going to urgent care over that of an emergency room will save you money and time. I remember waiting in the emergency room one night with someone who had a severe headache. We waited over two Hours just to be seen. An MRI was done and follow visits were done with a different doctor. This was something that could’ve been handled at an urgent care facility had we only known to go to one. When you take the time to find urgent care Gilbert and its location you will be able to take advantage of all they have to offer and cost-saving opportunities as well.

There are many decks in Denver.

I am not trying to be puny with the title of this article, so please get your mind out of the gutter.  I know that this blog may appeal to people with a dirty sense of humor, but I am actually trying to talk about decks and deck builders and nothing that has to do with whatever it is that you’re thinking about.  Sorry about that to anyone that is actually interested in my writing about decks.  So I will now start talking about the different options when it comes to decks and getting a deck that you will love in Denver.  In the City of Denver, there are many options when it comes to selecting the right deck builders for your Denver home.  You may want to add a deck with decorative concrete or you may want to go with a simple wood deck.  The choices are nearly endless and that is phenomenal for anyone that is looking to add on an addition like this to their homes.  I do hope that at some point in the future, I will be able to afford a house in the Congress Park neighborhood in Denver and build my own custom deck.  I guess that if I am not able to fulfill that dream, I will try and buy a mountain home in Colorado and build a custom deck onto that.  It should be beautiful in both cases and I am looking forward to seeing what other opportunities are out there for me.

colorado custom decks